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Thursday - February 29, 2024
Our Name is On Every Job
Svensons Home Improvement
Dear Mr. Svenson,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent siding job you did on my home. The crew that worked was punctual, hard working, personable and above all knowledgeable. At the end of each day the grounds were left neat and orderly. I am now receiving many compliments on my "new home".

Thanks again for a job well done.


Gina Walsh
Dear Harry and Crew,

I am writing this letter as thanks for a job well done as usual.

As you know we had Artisian Construction do a vinyl siding job for us and were very dissatisfied with their work, lack of responsibility towards the problems that arose after the job was finished and all around professionalism towards treating us fairly after they received there payment.

Fortunately for you guys we were able to have you come in fix the problems that they neglected and are very happy with the results, unfortunately, my husband and I paid twice for something that Artisian was suppose to take care of but they will never get another job from us, nor anyone that asks me for a recommendation.

It is always a pleasure working with you all and we look forward to having you back (as you know there are a lot of things to be done in our house). You guys are number one in our book and we would be pleased to recommend you to anyone for any job they need.

We tried to save a few dollars with Artisian, and it wound up costing us more in money to have the job redone and the aggravation in trying to get them to take responsibility for what they neglected.

Once again thanks for your outstanding craftsmanship and loyalty towards your customers.


Jim and Teresa Christie
Dear Harry Svenson and Company,

Our family just wanted to take some time to tell you and everyone else, what a wonderful job you did. Our house looks beautiful. We have many people drive by slowly just to look at our house. That makes us feel good. Your crew: Steve, Vinny, Alex, Frank, and all the others worked out in the freezing cold just to get a job well done. Everyone deserves lots of credit because of the great job they all performed.

We have no complaints whats so ever about your work. Our deck is bigger than before and it really came out beautiful. The new closed in porch looks like a new room for the house. The siding is wonderful and we owe it all to you. Our doors are modern now and they give the house a whole new look. We had several choices and went through plenty of interviews to see who could do the job the best. Our whole family had a good feeling about you Harry, and look what you and your crew did. We are completely satisfied and so happy we chose you. No one could have done a better job than Svenson Bros. Inc.

Thank you so much for a beautiful house. We will surely tell many more about the job that everyone did.


Frank, Carol, Donna Laengle & family
Harry & Staff

Thanks so much for sending your very young professional men to fix the issue as a result of the heavy wind & rain yesterday. Howard as usual is very kind & courteous. I am so impressed with the speed of your service. I recommended you all at St. Mary’s. Please feel free to give out my cell or emails for recommendations.

Mike & Joanne Deignan
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